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  Nagasaki Kazunori
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■ Present specialized field
Social welfare 
■ Journal
1. 2009/01 A Study on the Process to Expand the Use of Social Support among People with Psychiatric Disabilities
-For the Promotion of Expanded Use of Social Support in Social Work-
2. 2015/06 A Study on Changes in Student Awareness and Understanding of Other Occupations and Interprofessional Work(IPW)
-through qualitative analysis of comments from practice class- 
■ Lecturer and lecture
1. 2013/07 Record method for social worker
2. 2013/11 Active Listening in palliative care
3. 2013/12 Social return negotiator supervisor training Program (the 1st)
4. 2014/03 Social return negotiator supervisor training Program (the 2nd)
5. 2014/06 About the use of Rubrics (Aichi Prefecture Nagoya City)
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■ Exhibition, concert, and athletic meet
1. 2012/05/27~ party-concerned research in Hiroshima (Yushin-kobo (Hiroshima Prefecture Fukuyama city))