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Sports sciences, Nutrition science and health science 
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1. 2021/06/01 Association between subjective sleep quality and blood pressure at rest and during exercise in free-living conditions in young women: A pilot study  Link
2. 2020/10 Effects of running environment on mood and physiological responses :indoor versus outdoor setting same exercise intensity 
3. 2020/10 High cardiovascular reactivity and muscle strength attenuate hypotensive effects of isometric handgrip training in young women: A randomized controlled trial. 
4. 2018/10 The Influence of Sampling Site on Blood Lactate Response to Steady State Exercise  Link
5. 2016/03 Effects of Prolonged Exercise with Intermittent Breath Holding on Ventilation and Blood Lactate Responses 
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■ Presentation
1. 2020/09/24 The effect of isometric training on sleep during training and detraining  
2. 2019/05/31 Effect of isometric handgrip exercise on hypercapnia-induced shear-mediated dilation in the internal carotid artery  
3. 2017/05/31 The hypotensive effects of isometric training are associated with decreasing daytime sleepiness in young women  
4. 2016/06/03 Physiological Responses To The Aerobic Exercise Using Balance Ball And Walking.  
5. 2009/08/14 The effect of acute hypoxia and exercise intensity on physiological parameters during equivalent relative intensity exercise  
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