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■ Present specialized field
Mechanics and mechatronics, Control and system engineering, Sports sciences 
■ Journal
1. 2021/03/01 Evaluation of Standing-Sitting Support System in Sitting Motion of Older-Middle-Aged and Young People 
2. 2021/03/01 Extraction and Evaluation of Kinematic Feature Values of Batting Motion from Top of Swing to Ball Impact 
3. 2020/05/26 Model Predictive Control of Multivariable Plants Using Interactor and Solving Procedure of Matrix Polynomial Diophantine Equations 
4. 2018/12 Motion control of underactuated linkage robot based on gymnastic skill 
5. 2018/12 Sticking Fault Detecting Method for CARIMA Model 
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■ Presentation
1. 2019/09/13 Design of Model Predictive Control of Multivariable Time-Delay Plants Using Interactor Matrix  
2. 2019/09/13 Relationship between Skill of Expert Operator and the Use of Sense in the Boom up and down Operation of a Hydraulic Excavator  
3. 2018/02 Sticking Fault Detecting Method for CARIMA Model  
4. 2017/05 Verification of the Relationship between Desired Angle Ratio and Control Performance in the Links of a Gymnastic Based Controller for an Underactuated Robot  
5. 2016/12 Early Detection of Plant Faults by Using Machine Learning  
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