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  松本 浩実
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■ Present specialized field
Medical management and medical sociology, Rehabilitation science, Nutrition science and health science (Key Word:osteoporosis, fall, fracture) 
■ Journal
1. 2019/03 A Path Model Analysis of the Causal Relationship between Self-care Agency and Healthy Behavior in Community-dwelling Older People from the GAINA Study 
2. 2019 Age-related changes in muscle elasticity around the shoulder joint in young male baseball players: A prospective longitudinal study 
3. 2019 Association between speed of sound of calcaneal bone assessed by quantitative ultrasound and sarcopenia in a general older adult population: A cross-sectional study 
4. 2019 Association of serum bone and muscle derived factors with age, sex, body composition, and physical function in community-dwelling middle-aged and elderly adults: a cross-sectional study 
5. 2019 Customized exercise programs implemented by physical therapists improve exercise-related self-efficacy and promote behavioral changes in elderly individuals without regular exercise: a randomized controlled trial. 
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