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  小薮 智子
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■ Journal
1. 2020/04 The validity and reliability of the Japanese version of the Hospital Ethical Climate Survey 
2. 2020/03 Construct Validity and Reliability of Stress Scale related to Ethical Problems among Visiting Nurses 
3. 2018/03 Construct Validity of a Spiritual Care Evaluation Scale for the Families of Elderly Hospital Patients 
4. 2018/03 Nurse's spiritual care practices as evaluated by the elderly receiving medical care 
5. 2014/03 Nurse Involvement in / Dealings with The Inner World of Elderly People with Great Difficulty in Verbal Communication 
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■ Presentation
1. 2020/02/28 Impact of an ethical environment on the practice of spiritual care among Japanese nurses  
2. 2019/06/27 The Effect of Moral Distress and the Brief Scales for Coping Profile on Emotional Exhaustion in Nurses in Japan  
3. 2018/01/11 Development of a scale measuring Japanese nurses' moral distress  
4. 2017/10/20 Validity of the Scale to Measure Spiritual Care by Nurses in Japan  
5. 2016/05/27 Verification of Construct Validitiy of the Geriatric Spiritual Care Scale  
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■ Belonging society
1. 2007/01~ Japan Society of Nursing Research
2. 2008/04~ Japan Society of Spiritual Care
3. 2009~ Kawasaki Medical Welfare Society
4. 2012~ The Japanese Association for Clinical Research on Death and Dying