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  Ono Junichi
   Department   Kawasaki University of Medical Welfare  ,
   Position   Associate Professor
■ Present specialized field
Nephrology, Biomedical engineering 
■ Journal
1. 2022/01/05 Why Does Vascular Access Dysfunction Occur despite Brachial Artery Blood Flow Being Higher than Preset Blood Flow?  Link
2. 2012/12 Optimization of operating condition by adjusting a stopping position of blood pump roller in single needle dialysis  Link
3. 2012/04 Measurement and analysis of flow and pressure in tubes during single-needle dialysis  Link
4. 2005 Systemic nitric oxide production rate during hemodialysis and its relationship with nitric oxide-related factors  Link
■ Presentation
1. 2016/09/07 Clearance Gap: a new index for detection of vascular access dysfunction (Poster notice,General) 
2. 2013/07/06 Applicability of a sucrose solution as a model fluid for single needle dialysis (Poster notice,General) 
3. 2013/07/06 Devolopment of a home hemodialysis patient information management system using a tablet PC (Poster notice,General) 
4. 2008/02/28 Effects of high-volume or high-flow continuous renal replacement therapy and PMX-DHP for patients with septic shock (Poster notice,General) 
5. 2008/02/27 Effect of High-Volume or High Flow Continuous Reanal Replacement Therapy and PMX-DHP for Patients with Septic Shock. (Poster notice,General) 
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■ Belonging society
1. 2021/09~ Japanese Society for Artificial Intelligence in Nephrology and Blood Purification Link