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  吉村 学
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■ Present specialized field
Rehabilitation science, Medical assistive technology 
■ Journal
1. 2022/08 Correlation between kinesthetic motor imagery of an amputated limb and phantom limb pain 
2. 2021/10 Quantitative evaluation of abnormal finger movements in myelopathy hand during the grip and release test using gyro sensors 
3. 2021/09 Relationship between pain intensity, pain catastrophizing, and self-efficacy in patients with frozen shoulder: a cross-sectional study 
4. 2021/08 The effect of Visual Feedback using a tablet on phantom limb pain after upper limb bilateral amputation  Link
5. 2021/07 Effectiveness of Consultation by an Occupational Therapist in an After school Children’s Club 
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■ Presentation
1. 2022/09 Development of a myoelectric prosthesis operation program using virtual reality
-Effectiveness of action observation with added EMG signals-  
2. 2020/09 Effect of action observation using virtual reality on acquisition of body-powered prosthetic control  
3. 2014/06/19 Occupational Therapy experience for A patient with Terson's syndrome and higher brain dysfunction