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1. 2021/04/20 Effect of partially hydrolyzed guar-gum treatment on fecal pH in mice fed with a high-fat-diet 
2. 2020/09/17 Effects of voluntary exercise on plasma and urinary metabolites and gut microbiota in mice fed with a high-fat-diet  Link
3. 2020/08/19 The effect of voluntary exercise on gut microbiota in partially hydrolyzed guar-gum intake mice under high-fat-diet feeding.  Link
4. 2019/10 Gene expression profiles for macrophage in tissues in response to different exercise training protocols in senescence mice  Link
5. 2019/09 Sparassis crisps intake improves the reduced lipopolysaccharide-induced TNF-α production that occurs upon exhaustive exercise in mice.  Link
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■ Presentation
1. 2020/12/01 Impact of dietary cellulose nanofibrils on obesity and gut microbiota in high-fat diet-fed mice  
2. 2019/11/09 Impact of wheel running on behavioral anxiety and gut microbiota in mice fed with a high-fat-diet  
3. 2019/11/09 Regulation of gut microbiota-induced metabolites by voluntary exercise in a high-fat-diet fed mice  
4. 2019/11/09 The complementary effect of dietary-fiber intake and voluntary exercise on the gut microbiota in high-fat-diet induced obese mice  
5. 2019/11/08 Relationship between physical activity and gut microbiota in exercised TLR5 deficient mice  
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