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  Umeda Masaru
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   Position   Professor with Special Assignment
■ Journal
1. 2020/01 脳性麻痺痙直型両麻痺患者におけるインソールの有無における動的立位バランスの特徴 
2. 2019/10 高齢な血液透析患者と地域在住高齢者における日常生活活動の際の困難度の比較横断研究 
3. 2018/06 地域在住高齢者の運動機能に対する短期間の健康増進介入の効果 
4. 2017 Effect of a behavior modification program on physical activity in community-dwelling older adults- a randomized controlled trial 
5. 2017 Large calf circumference indicates non-sarcopenia despite body mass 
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■ Presentation
1. 2006/08 The possibility of childhood injury prevention and their information acquisition in Japan  
2. 2004/06 Emotional support system for bereaving families resulting from childhood injury related deaths at the prefecture level in Japan  
3. 2003/04 The prevention of childhood injuries in the home in Japan  
4. 2002/06/26 Unique features of childhood drowning in Japan,  
5. 2002/05 Evaluating a new pamphlet with the injury prevention safety checklist during childhood health screenengs  
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