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  Fujino Masahiro
   Department     ,
   Position   Assistant Professor
■ Present specialized field
Neuroscience-general, Special needs education, Sports sciences, Nutrition science and health science, Physiology, Medical management and medical sociology 
■ Journal
1. 2016/03 Bone metabolism in epilepsy patients: An analysis of 30 cases taking classic anti-epileptic drugs 
2. 2012/10 Muscle-specific overexpression of caveolin 3 causes muscle atrophy, but not muscular dystrophy 
3. 2012/08 An inhibitor of transforming growth factor beta type I receptor ameliorates muscle atrophy in a mouse model of caveolin 3-deficient muscular dystrophy 
4. 2009/07 Reduction in Visceral Fat and Changes in Arterial Stiffness from Participation in a Health and Fitness Program. 
■ Presentation
1. 2012/09/07 Regulation of caveolin-3 in myogenesis and muscular atrophy through type I TGF-beta receptor kinase.  
2. 2011/09/18 Sarcolemmal nNOS prevents muscular wasting in a caveolin-3 deficient limb-girdle muscular dystrophy 1C model.  
3. 2010/10 Reprogrammed fibroblasts as a feasible source of cell-based therapy for muscular dystrophy.  
4. 2009/09 Introduction of wound-healing MRL-MpJ phenotype improves skeletal muscle pathology in mdx mouse.  
5. 2008/11 The effects of motivational approach in the class of health-related fitness on abdominal visceral fat thickness and arterial stiffness in middle-aged and elderly adults.  
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