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  Ueda Kayoko
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■ Present specialized field
Social welfare 
■ BooK
1. 2018/11   epoche, life world, being-there, hermeneutic phenomenology, phenomenological psychoology, critical narrative analysis「質的心理学辞典」 
■ Journal
1. 2019/12/05 Trends in Research on Acceptance of Medical Care Children in Childcare Facilities in Japan 
2. 2018/07 Recent Trends and Outlook of Healthcare Research Using Phenomenology in Japan
: Searching in the Database of Japan Medical Abstracts Society within the past 5 years 
3. 2018 Reassessment of Contributions of Hospital Volunteers Discussed in Iwakuma's Article : Exploring the Meaning of Play and Time Sense of Child Patients 
4. 2015/07 A Phenomenological Study on the Perception of Hearing-Impaired Students Towards Note-Taking Support -In an Effort to Comprehend their Meaning for College Life- 
5. 2009 Using Phenomenology to Study How Junior and Senior High School Students in Japan Perceive Their Volunteer Effort 
■ Presentation
1. 2020/03/04 Study of Inclusive Support for Technology-dependent Children and Their Families at a Nursery School in Japan  
2. 2019/06/27 What is the Role of Phenomenology in Healthcare Research? :Investigating the Status of Recent Japanese Health Research Using Phenomenology.  
3. 2017/08/25 Focusing on the narrative self in human sciences  
4. 2017/07/14 FROM NECESSITY TO CHOICE IN STUDENTS' VOLUNTEER EXPERIENCES FOR COEXISTENCE IN COMMUNITY: Using the Methods of Practical Phenomenology for the Interpretation of Relationality Existentials  
5. 2016/07/30 The meaning and process of phenomenological understanding in healthcare research  
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■ Belonging society
1. 2007/04~ International Institution for Qualitative Methodology