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  Osaka Hiroshi
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   Position   Associate Professor
■ Journal
1. 2021/11/11 Investigation of the effect of a 15-degree tilt-in-space on the fluctuation of shear forces exerted on the buttocks when the back support is reclined 
2. 2021/10/21 Examination of Seat and Backrest to Improve Wheelchair Propulsion: Aiming to Develop a Seating System for Wheelchairs 
3. 2021/08/09 Trunk muscle activation patterns during active hip abduction test during remission from recurrent low back pain: an observational study 
4. 2021/06/02 Relationship between lumbar proprioception, thickness of trunk muscles, and control of trunk movement during the active hip abduction test 
5. 2020/09/09 Immediate changes in trunk muscle activation patterns during a lifting task following an abdominal drawing-in exercise in subjects with recurrent low back pain 
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■ Presentation
1. 2020/10/10 Availability of an accelerometer for measurement of single leg standing  
2. 2018/07/09 Immediate effect of restricted ankle dorsiflexion on ground reaction force and trunk acceleration during walking  
3. 2017/10/27 Characteristics of pre-frailty in the elderly participating in preventive exercises  
4. 2017/06/28 Characteristics of trunk acceleration during sit-to-stand motion in momentum and stabilization strategy  
5. 2016/10/07 Effects of action observation on performing non-weight-bearing gait with crutches  
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