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  Ishida Hiroshi
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■ Journal
1. 2022/02 Influence of a Specified Probe Axial Preload on Strain Ultrasound Elastography for the Quantification of Rectus Femoris Muscle Elasticity 
2. 2021/08/25 Relationships between respiratory function, bone density, and abdominal muscle thickness in community-dwelling elderly women 
3. 2021/02 Influence of the craniocervical flexion position during oscillating exercises on the neck muscles 
4. 2020/05 Posteroanterior segmental stiffness of the lumbar spine: assessment using ultrasound in asymptomatic subjects 
5. 2020/02 Relationship between Muscle Mass and Abdominal Muscle Thickness in Community-dwelling Elderly Women: A Cross-sectional Study 
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■ Presentation
1. 2021/04/09 Relationships between peak expiratory flow rate, bone density, and abdominal muscle thickness in community-dwelling elderly women  
2. 2019/05/13 Cervical muscle activity while using an oscillating blade held in the mouth: influence of different swings  
3. 2018/07/09 Correlation between peak expiratory flow and abdominal muscle activity while holding maximum expiration and side bridge exercise in elderly women  
4. 2017/07/04 Electromyographic activities of the abdominal muscles during performing 30 % and 75 % of maximum expiratory pressure  
5. 2016/10/08 Correlation between cervical flexor muscle thickness and craniocervical flexion torque  
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