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  Mikami Fumiaki
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■ Journal
1. 2018/04 Understanding Characteristics of Autism Spectrum Disorder Using ICF-CY 
2. 2013/12 Functioning and disabilities of patients with severe motor and intellectual disabilities in Japanese public and private institutions. II. Fundamental intellectual activities and problem behavior 
3. 2012/01 Association of Mobility Restriction with Motor and Intellectual Impairments, and Impact of Environmental Factors in Children with Disabilities 
4. 2012/01 Compatibility between Independent Activities in the Course of Study for Schools for Special Needs Education and ICF Categories 
5. 2011/04 Functioning and disabilities of patients in Japanese institutions for children with physical disabilities I.Categorization of disabilities based on Ohima's classification and assessment of activities of daily living sing JASPER ADL Ver.3.2 
■ Presentation
1. 2019/08/08 Is ICF-CY useful for grasp of the environmental factors which promotes (or inhibits) well-being of children with ASD?  
2. 2016/08/17 Identification of the autistic spectrum using International Classification of Functioning, Disability and Health - Children & Youth Version (ICF-CY)  
3. 2015/11/03 Analysis of Maternal and Child Health Handbook using ICF  
4. 2015/02/27 Development of Job-hunting-activities Supporting System for the Students of Department of Health Informatics  
5. 2014/07/16 Impact of motor and intellectual impairment on activities and participation of patients in institution for children with orthopedic impairments in Japan  
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