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  荒尾 信一
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Radiological sciences, Others 
■ Journal
1. 2004/12 Measurement of Scattered Radiation for Lead Disc Method Using the Imaging Plate 
2. 2001/01 X-ray Energy Dependence of Characteristic Curve for Single Emulsion System 
3. 2000/01 Inclusive Integral Evaluation for Mammograms Using the Hierarchical Fuzzy Integral (HFI) Model 
4. 1998/09 The X-ray Sensitometry in the Low Energy X-ray Region 
5. 1998/02 Intensity Scale which Applied the Technique of Bednarek 
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■ Presentation
1. 2013/03/07 Objective prostate cancer detection: discriminant analysis combined the apparent diffusion coefficient map with diffusion-weighted MR imaging  
2. 2018/10/06 Effect of attenuation of radio-frequency-induced heating and image quality by electromagnetic wave suppression sheet  
3. 2018/09/08 Effect of electromagnetic wave suppression sheet in magnetic resonance imaging system on radio-frequency-induced heating of the metallic implant  
4. 2018/06/03 Basic Study of the Imaging Conditions on Tumor Volume Measurement Using 3D-MR Imaging of the Liver While Patient Holds Breath  
5. 2018/06/03 Effect of Weight Input in Magnetic Resonance Imaging System on Radio-Frequency-Induced Heating of Metallic Implants  
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