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  Aratani Mayumi
   Department     ,
   Position   Professor
■ Journal
1. 2021/03 Characteristics of Inequity in Long-term Care Beds in Secondary Medical Areas Using the Gini Coefficient: A Comparison of Iwate and Tottori Prefectures 
2. 2014/03 A survey of career building and job-consciousness among graduates of the department of health welfare services management. 
3. 2012/07 Student Attitudes toward the Great East Japan Earthquake
-In the Department of Health and Welfare Services Management- 
4. 2009/07 Review of Efficiency Analysis of Productivity in Health Care Services 
■ Belonging society
1. 1987/04~2012/03 Japan Society of Applied Business Studies Link
2. 1992/08~2003/03 Japanese Association of Medical Photography Link
3. 2002/07~ Japanese Association for Health Care Administrators Link
4. 2012/04~ Japan Health Economics Association Link
5. 2020/06~ Japan Society of Applied Medical Secretaries Link