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  永瀬 澄香
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■ Present specialized field
Analytical chemistry, Bio chemistry, Others, Pharmaceutical chemistry and drug development sciences, Medical biochemistry (Key Word:Interference of clinical laboratory tests, Polyamine , Anticancer drug,adult diseasea) 
■ BooK
1. 2008   Clinical chemistry text「臨床化学実習書」 
■ Journal
1. 2013/02 Interference by Pralidoxime (PAM) Salts in Clinical Laboratory Tests 
2. 2008 Chemotherapeutic choice of ranimustine or nimustine on the basis of regional polyamine levels in rat brain. 
3. 2008 Tissue specific choice of Ranimustine and Nimustine on the Basis of polyamine level 
4. 2008/02 Histamine concentration in various tissues of rats treated with thiotepa and bleomycin 
5. 2008 An Attempt of the Practice of Clinical Chemistry Using the Problem-Solving Theme Practice 
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■ Presentation
1. 2008/10/03 Etoposide and Irinotecan choice on the basis of regional brain's polyamine levela  
2. 2008/10/03 The Tissue Specific Choice of Anti-caner Drugs on the Basis of Polyamine Level  
3. 2008/05/30 Interference of PAM on the glucose measurement  
4. 2004/09/09 Chemotherapeutic targeting of ranimustine (ACNU) or nimustine (MCNU) to various tissues on the basis of polyamine levels.  
5. 2004/09/09 Choice of bleomycin on the basis of polyamine levels in various regions of the brain in rats.  
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