Miyahara Tokiharu
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Language English
Title Development of Human Resources for Healthcare IT Project at Hospital
Conference HIMSS AsiaPac 2011
Conference Type International society and overseas society
Invitation Invitation
Presentation Type Speech
Lecture Type Special/Invited Lecture
Publisher and common publisher◎Miyahara Tokiharu
Date 2011/09/24
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Summary Advanced Healthcare Information Personnel in the healthcare field refers to person who can propose revolutionary information-oriented strategies and put these into IT project and create value. It is important for the Advanced Healthcare Information Personnel to be located in the hospital itself for the healthcare information system to continuously improve and to create value.
Therefore, to face the upcoming changes in medicine and to create value through information systems, we deemed it necessary to have resources at the hospital sites who can create IT strategies for the organization as a whole, acquire and share practical knowledge gained on project management and operation service management, and continually improve the information systems throughout their life cycle.