Miyahara Tokiharu
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Language English
Peer review Peer reviewed
Title Research on the Information Literacy Process of Team-approached Medicine.
Journal Formal name:Proceedings of ProMAC2019
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Author and coauthor Tomoko Yamamoto, Tokiharu Miyahara, Lisa Yoshioka
Publication date 2019/11/13
Summary Hospitals in Japan have adopted team-approached medicine since the since the 1990s. We have reported on the tracking of the maturation of team-approached medicine and visualized it using CMMI. Although the team’s maturing process could be visualized, the factors that brought about the maturing process of the medical team have not been examined until now. Therefore, we made an analysis by focusing on the information literacy process of the team in accordance with the information literacy framework of ANZIIL2.0 (Australian and New Zealand Information Literacy Framework, Second edition) as a factor for maturation of the team.
The research method was a case study that targeted a Pressure Ulcer Countermeasures Study Team at Hospital A by tracking the team’s minutes and interviews during the 12 years from the time of its launch and studying changes in the information literacy process during that period by using the ANZIIL2.0 framework.
As a result, we were able to observe that (1) changes in information literacy process were in accordance with the ANZIIL2.0 framework, (2) the information literacy processes showed some randomness.