Nakagawa Maiko
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Article types 原著
Language Japanese
Peer review Peer reviewed
Title A Study of Current Status and Issues on Micro-teaching of Health Education in Pre-serviced Education : Focusing on 'the Reflection of Others Practice'
Journal Formal name:Kawasaki medical welfare journal 27
Domestic / ForeginDomestic
Volume, Issue, Page 27(1),105-113頁
Author and coauthor Maiko Nakagawa ,Yuko Fujiwara
Publication date 2017
Summary This research is aimed at contributing to the development of practical teaching skills for teachers-in-training in health education. Specifically, we conducted mock classes on various topics covered in health education in middle schools and high schools, focusing on students observing and reflecting on the performance of their colleagues, in order to identify teaching practices and issues. The research resulted in the following two findings. (1) The classroom lecture format of the mock health classes was beneficial for students observing the performance of their colleagues because it allowed them to reflect more deeply on their own performance. (2) Many students wrote comments referring to the use of the blackboard and explanation techniques. This is because the content and method of these simulated classes only involved one-way teaching, so many students wrote about improving the atmosphere of the classes.