Academic Staff
Professor (Total:3)
Name Specialization Areas
   山本 健一郎 Biomedical engineering, Chemical reaction and process system engineering
   Kayano Isao Biomedical engineering, Electron device and electronic equipment, Computer system, Life, health and medical informatics
   Mochizuki Seiichi Biomedical engineering, Biofunction and bioprocess engineering, Bio chemistry
Associate Professor (Total:6)
Name Specialization Areas
   谷野 雅昭
   逸見 知弘 Mechanics and mechatronics, Control and system engineering, Sports sciences
   Miyazaki Hisashi Software, Childhood and nursery/pre-school education, Computer system, Sociology
   Ogawa Takehito
   Ono Junichi Nephrology, Biomedical engineering
   Tachibana Hiroyuki
Assistant Professor (Total:1)
Name Specialization Areas
   福原 真一
Instructor (Total:3)
Name Specialization Areas
   大姶良 義将 Human interface and interaction, Kansei informatics, Design
   片岡 真吾
   鳥越 貴之
Professor with Special Assignment (Total:3)
Name Specialization Areas
   宮本 修 neurophysiology, neuropathology, general physiology, neuroscience
   Junichi Kurebayashi General surgery and pediatric surgery, Molecular biology, Cell biology
   Toyotaka Yada