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  吉岡 大輔
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■ Present specialized field
Electron device and electronic equipment, Inorganic compounds and inorganic materials chemistry, Inorganic/coordination chemistry 
■ Journal
1. 2018/02 Synthesis and fluorescence properties of lanthanide-supported titanate nanosheets 
2. 2017 Fluorescence Properties of the Lanthanide Supported onto Titanate Nanosheets 
3. 2013/04 A solution process for preparation of low resistance layered indium tin oxide films 
4. 2012 Oxygen radical absorbance capacity (ORAC) of cyclodextrin-solubilized flavanoids, resveratrol and astaxanthin as measured with ORAC-EPR method 
5. 2010 Influence of the glucosylated b-cyclodextrin inclusion on sulfur trioxide spin-adduct stabilizations and spin-trapping rate processes for DMPO-spin traps 
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■ Presentation
1. 2016/03/26 The Lanthanoide Bearing on Titanate Nanosheets Including Group 5 Elements  
2. 2015/12/17 The studies of lanthanide bearing on titanatienanosheets - Niobium addition effects on the bearing reaction and the fluorescence -  
3. 2019/07/01 Localized Surface Plasmon Resonance of Noble Metals Supporting onto Titanate Nanosheets  
4. 2019/03/16 Systematic evaluation of tetraalkylammonium salts on the synthesis and reactivity of titanate nanosheets  
5. 2017/07/18 Application of liquid-phase-synthesized titanate nanosheets  
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