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  西村 広健
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Human pathology 
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1. 2021/09/02 Cutaneous adenomyoepithelioma with histopathological heterogeneity: A case report. 
2. 2021/05/12 Coexistence of three nevus lipomatosus cutaneus superficialis with typical, cutaneous adenolipoma-like, and dermal spindle cell lipoma-like histopathological features in a patient 
3. 2021/04/11 A case of total hysterectomy due to massive maternal bleeding immediately after fetoscopic laser surgery for twin-twin transfusion syndrome 
4. 2020/09/20 A low amyloidogenic E61K transthyretin mutation may cause familial amyloid polyneuropathy 
5. 2020/05/20 Boron neutron capture therapy for head and neck cancer: Relevance of nuclear-cytoplasmic volume ratio and anti-tumor effect. -A preliminary report 
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■ Presentation
1. 2018/10/28 Cystic metastasis of acquired cystic disease-associated renal cell
2. 2018/10/28 Neuropathological approach for diagnosis of dementia  
3. 2018/10/28 Neuropathological approach for diagnosis of muscle diseases  
4. 2018/10/28 subcutaneous tumor of the head  
5. 2018/05/24 Association between primary cerebellar hemorrhage and cerebral amyloid angiopathy  
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