Koji Kurose
   Department   Kawasaki Medical School  Kawasaki Medical School, Department of Respiratory Medicine,
   Position   Assistant Professor
Language English
Title Increase of activated Tregs in TIL in lung cancer and in vitro depletion of Tregs by ADCC using anti-human CCR4 mAb (KM2760)
Conference 22nd Annual International Cancer Immunotherapy Symposium
Conference Type International society and overseas society
Presentation Type Poster notice
Lecture Type General
Publisher and common publisher◎Koji Kurose, Yoshihiro Ohue, Shingo Eikawa, Yumi Nishio, Midori Isobe, Akiko Uenaka, Mikio Oka, and Eiichi Nakayama
Date 2014/10/05
(city and name of the country)
New York, USA
Society abstract 22nd Annual International Cancer Immunotherapy Symposium 71