Haruyo Yamanishi
   Department   Kawasaki Medical School  Kawasaki Medical School, Department of Anatomy,
   Position   Assistant Professor
Article types 原著
Language English
Peer review Peer reviewed
Title CoQ10 supplementation elevates the epidermal CoQ10 level in adult hairless mice.
Journal Formal name:BioFactors (Oxford, England)
ISSN code:09516433
Domestic / ForeginForegin
Volume, Issue, Page 25,pp.175-8
Author and coauthor Ashida Y, Yamanishi H, Terada T, Oota N, Sekine K, Watabe K
Publication date 2005
Summary We have already shown that prolonged supplementation of CoQ(10) in humans reduces the wrinkle area rate and wrinkle volume per unit area in the corner of the eye. CoQ(10) supplementation is known to increase the CoQ(10) level in serum and in many organs; however, the level of CoQ(10) in skin has not yet been fully investigated yet. We examined whether CoQ(10) intake elevates the CoQ(10) and CoQ(9) levels in epidermis, dermis, serum and other organs (kidney, heart, brain, muscle and crystalline lens) in 43-week-old hairless male mice. We also established a method using a high performance liquid chromatograph equipped with an electrochemical detector (HPLC-ECD) to simultaneously quantify CoQ(9) and CoQ(10) in the tissues. CoQ(10) (0, 1, 100 mg/kg p.o.) was administered daily for 2 weeks. CoQ(10) supplementation of 100 mg/kg increased the serum and epidermal CoQ(10) levels significantly, but did not increase the CoQ(10) levels in either dermis or other organs. In conclusion, we showed that CoQ(10) intake elevates the epidermal CoQ(10) level, which may be a prerequisite to the reduction of wrinkles and other benefits related to the potent antioxidant and energizing effects of CoQ(10) in skin.