Futoshi Kuribayashi
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Title A highly sensitive chemiluminescence assay for superoxide detection and chronic granulomatous disease diagnosis
Journal Formal name:Tropical Medicine and Health
Abbreviation:Trop Med Health.
ISSN code:13488945/13494147
Volume, Issue, Page 39(2),41頁
Author and coauthor Tsuyoshi Yamazaki, Chikage Kawai, Akira Yamauchi, and Futoshi Kuribayashi
Publication date 2011/06
Summary Reactive oxygen species (ROS) produced by neutrophils are crucial for defense against infectious diseases, and the adequate measurement of ROS levels is an important way to evaluate the possibility of infections. The fluorescent probe dihydrorhodamine 123 has been applied exclusively to the measurement of ROS thus far. We developed a novel method for detecting ROS, which utilizes the chemiluminescent probes Luminol and Diogenes. The new method quantitatively detects ROS produced by as few as 10 to 104 neutrophils. Furthermore, this method can detect ROS levels in one microliter of whole blood or ROS produced by Epstein-Barr immortalized B lymphocytes. This method will be valuable for prompt diagnosis of neonatal chronic granulomatous diseases in which neutrophils aberrantly produce superoxide.
DOI 10.2149
Document No. 22028609