Futoshi Kuribayashi
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Article types 原著
Language English
Peer review Peer reviewed
Title Characterization of the superoxide-generating system in human peripheral lymphocytes and lymphoid cell lines.
Journal Formal name:Journal of Biochemistry
Abbreviation:J. Biochem.
Volume, Issue, Page 117(4),758-765頁
Author and coauthor Kobayashi Sonoko, Imajoh-Ohmi Shinobu, Kuribayashi Futoshi, Nunoi Hiroyuki, Nakamura Michio, Kanegasaki Shiro.
Publication date 1995/04
Summary In B lymphocytes, but not T lymphocytes, isolated from human peripheral blood, we detected the four protein components essential for "the respiratory burst" by immunoblot analyses using peptide-directed antibodies. These are two membrane proteins, namely, 91- and 22-kDa subunits of cytochrome b558, and two cytosolic proteins with molecular masses of 47 and 65 kDa. Like in neutrophils, cytochrome b558 was expressed on the cell surface of peripheral B lymphocytes. Mean amounts (n = 8) of the 91-, 22-, 47-, and 65-kDa proteins, respectively, in peripheral B lymphocytes calculated from intensity of the blots were 0.011 +/- 0.003, 0.026 +/- 0.006, 0.179 +/- 0.022, and 0.039 +/- 0.013 relative to those in neutrophils on the basis of cell number. Epstein-Barr virus (EBV)-transformed cell lines derived from normal B lymphocytes and some B cell lines also possessed cytochrome b558 and two cytosolic proteins. Isolated human peripheral B lymphocytes generated the superoxide anion upon cross-linking of surface antigens such as IgM, IgD, IgG, HLA-DR, and CD19. EBV-transformants derived from normal peripheral B lymphocytes and B lymphoid cell lines also generated the superoxide anion when stimulated with various antibodies against surface antigens. These results indicate that peripheral B lymphocytes have substantial amounts of a superoxide-generating system identical to that in phagocytes and that the system is stimulated to generate the superoxide anion by the cross-linking of clonally expressed surface immunoglobulins or of certain surface antigens.