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  黒崎 毅史
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General surgery and pediatric surgery, Respiratory surgery 
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1. 2020/02/19 Right single lung transplantation using an inverted left donor lung: interposition of pericardial conduit for pulmonary venous anastomosis - a case report. 
2. 2019/12/17 Airway bacteria of the recipient but not the donor are relevant to post-lung transplant pneumonia. 
3. 2019/11/15 Favorable survival even with high disease-specific complication rates in lymphangioleiomyomatosis after lung transplantation-long-term follow-up of a Japanese center. 
4. 2019/11/12 Warm retrograde perfusion can remove more fat from lung grafts with fat embolism in a porcine model. 
5. 2019/08 Impact of chronic lung allograft dysfunction, especially restrictive allograft syndrome, on the survival after living-donor lobar lung transplantation compared with cadaveric lung transplantation in adults: a single-center experience. 
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