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1. 2018/05 Evaluation of pancreatic exocrine insufficiency by cine-dynamic MRCP using spatially selective inversion-recovery (IR) pulse: Correlation with severity of chronic pancreatitis based on morphological changes of pancreatic duct 
2. 2018/05 Kinematic Magnetic Resonance Imaging of the Thorax Using 2-Dimensional Balanced Subsecond Steady-state Free Precession Sequence During Forced Breathing in Comparison With Spirometry 
3. 2016/09 Evaluation of renal cortical thickness by non-contrast-enhanced MR imaging with spatially selective IR pulses: comparison between cirrhotic and non-cirrhotic patients. 
4. 2016/04 Postprandial changes in secretory flow of pancreatic juice in the main pancreatic duct: evaluation with cine-dynamic MRCP with a spatially selective inversion-recovery (IR) pulse. 
5. 2015/11 Noninvasive investigation of exocrine pancreatic function: Feasibility of cine dynamic MRCP with a spatially selective inversion-recovery pulse.J Magn Reson Imaging 
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■ Presentation
1. 2017/11/26 Postprandial changes in flow dynamics of the bile within the common bile duct : Evaluation with cine dynamic MRCP and a spatially selective IR pulse  
2. 2017/04/23 Department of Radiology Pancreatic changes in patients with liver cirrhosis and diabetes: a 3-T MRI evaluation  
3. 2017/04/23 Pancreatic exocrine function estimated by cine dynamic MRCP with a spatially selective IR pulse: Correlation with T1 mapping of the pancreatic parenchyma  
4. 2017/04/13 Pancreatic Changes in Patients with Viral Hepatitis-induced Cirrhosis: MRI Evaluation  
5. 2017/04/13 Relationship between the flow of pancreatic juice and abdominal symptoms: Evaluation using cine-dynamic MRCP to diagnose pancreatic exocrine insufficiency  
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