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  Masahito Mihara
   Department   Kawasaki Medical School  Kawasaki Medical School, Department of Neurology,
   Position   Professor
■ Present specialized field
Neurology, Rehabilitation science 
■ Journal
1. 2019/07 Involvement of cortical dysfunction in frequent falls inpatients with Parkinson's disease. 
2. 2018/02 Safety and efficacy of levodopa-carbidopa intestinal gel: Results from an open-label
extension study in Japanese, Korean, and Taiwanese patients with advanced Parkinson's
3. 2018/02 Influence of placement sites of the active recording electrode on CMAP configuration in the trapezius muscle. 
4. 2018 Relationships between dysphagia and tongue pressure during swallowing in Parkinson's disease patients 
5. 2023/12 Current status and problems of driving in elderly with cognitive decline in Okayama. 
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■ Presentation
1. 2023/10/01 Application of the Near infrared spectroscopy as a treatment tool for neurological disease patients. (Speech,Special/Invited Lecture) 
2. 2021/08/20 Effects of visual biofeedback on tongue pressure in healthy adults using near-infrared spectroscopy (Poster notice,General) 
3. 2020/11 Effects of visual feedback on maximum tongue pressure in healthy adults: A near-infrared spectroscopy study. (Poster notice,General) 
4. 2019/10/19 Effects of concurrent cognitive task difficulty on cortical activation and network in a cognitive–postural dual task: a functional near-infrared spectroscopic study (Poster notice,General) 
5. 2019/09/22 Effect of neurofeedback facilitation of the gait and balance imagery-related SMA activation on gait function in PD (Poster notice,General) 
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