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1. 2021   切開創の種類と特徴「眼科レジデントのためのベーシック手術」 
2. 2011   Allosteric models of hemoglobin, still evolving., Hemoglobin: Recent Developments and Topics. 
3. 2009   The mechanisms of the motor programming for learned vocalization in songbird., Systems Biology: the Challenge of Complexity. 
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1. 2022/01/01 デスメ膜除去後の医原性水疱性角膜症にリパスジル塩酸塩水和物液が有効であった1例 
2. 2021/10/15 角膜内皮移植後の移植片接着不良に対しROCK阻害薬の有効性が示唆された2例 
3. 2021/09/29 Kv4.2-Positive Domains on Dendrites in the Mouse Medial Geniculate Body Receive Ascending Excitatory and Inhibitory Inputs Preferentially from the Inferior Colliculus  Link
4. 2021/09/27 Incidence of corneal transplant rejection following BNT162b2 SARSCoV-2 messenger RNA vaccination  Link
5. 2021/09/08 Efficacy of the Super-Retinal Imaging Display Based on Scanning Laser Technology in Visual Impairment Induced by Corneal Diseases.  Link
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1. 2021/05/01 Novel tear film dynamics underlying silicone hydrogel soft contact lens use  
2. 2021/04/10 Tear film break-up pattern in water-gradient structure soft contact lens  
3. 2020/05/06 Effectiveness of ROCK inhibitors on chronic bullous keratopathy  
4. 2020/05/06 Tear dynamics associated with the use of soft contact lenses with a water gradient structure