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  Masanori Iseki
   Department   Kawasaki Medical School  Kawasaki Medical School, Department of Immunology and Molecular Genetics,
   Position   Assistant Professor
■ Present specialized field
■ Journal
1. 2023/08/14 Co-occurrence of non-alcoholic steatohepatitis exacerbates psoriasis associated with decreased adiponectin expression in a murine model  Link
2. 2022/07/22 TRAPS mutations in Tnfrsf1a decrease the responsiveness to TNFα via reduced cell surface expression of TNFR1  Link
3. 2022/04/13 Obesity and Dyslipidemia Synergistically Exacerbate Psoriatic Skin Inflammation  Link
4. 2021/11/07 Imatinib has minimal effects on inflammatory and osteopenic phenotypes in a murine cherubism model  Link
5. 2021/04/17 SH3BP2 Deficiency Ameliorates Murine Systemic Lupus Erythematosus.  Link
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■ Presentation
1. 2023/05/10 Accompanying non-alcoholic steatohepatitis exacerbates psoriasis in a murine model (Poster notice,General) 
2. 2022/12/08 Single-cell RNA-sequencing of the synovial cells in gp130F759, a murine rheumatoid arthritis model, revealed changes in B-cell repertoire at the transitional phase from innate to acquired immunity (Poster notice,General) 
3. 2022/09/23 The diet-induced differences in gut microbiota determines the responder / non-responder of Daiokanzoto (Speech,General) 
4. 2022/07/07 Study of relationship between responders and non-responders to action of Kampo medicines via gut microbiota (Speech,General) 
5. 2022/04/27 Obesity and hyperlipidemia synergistically exacerbate psoriatic skin inflammation (General) 
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■ Belonging society
1. 1998/05~ The Japanese Society for Immunology (JSI) Link
2. 2001/12~ The Molecular Biology Society of Japan (MBSJ) Link
3. 2016/11~ Japan College of Rheumatology Link