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■ BooK
1. 2015/08   Part X Anesthetic Management: Neuroanesthesia for pediatric surgery 46 Anesthesia during surgery for pediatric traumatic brain injury, Neuroanesthesia and cerebrospinal protection 
■ Journal
1. 2019/04 Survey of PICUs in Japan 
2. 2017 AKI after pediatric cardiac surgery for congenital heart diseases-recent developments in diagnostic criteria and early diagnosis by biomarkers- 
3. 2016 Storage duration of transfused red blood cells is not significantly associated with postoperative adverse events in pediatric cardiac surgery patients 
4. 2016 Urinary albumin levels predictdevelopment of acute kidney injury after pediatric cardiac surgery: A prospective observational study 
5. 2015 Intraoperative change of lactate level is associated with postoperative outcomes in pediatric cardiac surgery patients: retrospective observational study 
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■ Presentation
1. 2018/06/04 Effects of diuretics on postoperative AKI in patients after cardiovascular surgery under cardiopulmonary bypass.  
2. 2018/06/03 Effects of intraoperative fluid volume and blood pressure on postoperative nausea and vomiting in patients undergoing breast surgery.  
3. 2017/06/05 Effect of steroid administration during cardiopulmonary bypass on postoperative vasoactive inotropic score  
4. 2016/06/06 Usefulness of sphb measurement in children after cardiac surgery.  
5. 2016/05/23 Dysfunction of the diaphragm after iatrogenic tension pneumoperitoneum by a gastrointestinal endscopic procedure.  
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■ Belonging society
1. American Society of Anesthesiologists
2. European Society of Anaesthesiologists
3. Japanese Society of Anesthesiologists
4. Japanese Society of Cardiovascular Anesthesia
5. Japanese Society of Clinical Anesthesia
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