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  鶴田 淳
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Digestive surgery 
■ Journal
1. 2018/11 Relevance of a persistent descending mesocolon to sigmoid volvulus  Link
2. 2018/10 Laparoscopic treatment of median arcuate ligament syndrome in a 16-year-old male  Link
3. 2017/08 Local control of sphincter-preserving procedures and abdominoperineal resection for locally advanced low rectal cancer: Propensity score matched analysis  Link
4. 2017/05 A case of fulminant amebic colitis that could be saved  Link
5. 2017/04 East versus West: Differences in surgical management in Asia compared with Europe and North America  Link
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■ Presentation
1. 2019/07/05 Poor prognosis of hypermutant colorectal cancer with KRAS mutations: A retrospective analysis of 1,052 Japanese colorectal cancer patients without treatment of immuno-checkpoint inhibitors   Link
2. 2019/06/12 Feasibility of laparoscopic surgery as a bridge to surgery after self-expandable metallic stent insertion for obstructive left sided colorectal cancer  
3. 2019/06/03 Validation of biomarkers of preoperative chemoradiotherapy for advanced low rectal cancer and extraction of the high-risk group of recurrence  
4. 2018/11/24 Efficacy of Ramucirumab in combination with second-line or salvage-line FOLFIRI in patients with metastatic colorectal cancer.  
5. 2018/11/10 Clinico-pathological features of hypermutant colorectal cancers analyzed over 1000 colorectal cancer  
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