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  Takuya Murata
   Department   Kawasaki Medical School  Kawasaki Medical School, Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology 1,
   Position   Associate Professor
■ Journal
1. 2022/02 An artificial intelligence-assisted diagnostic system improves the accuracy of image diagnosis of uterine cervical lesions 
2. 2021/09/29 A Case of Rare Matrix-producing Triple-negative Breast
Carcinoma for Which Drug Response in a Patient-derived
Orthotopic Xenograft Mouse Model Was Correlated
With Patient Response 
3. 2021/03/25 Oral recombinant methioninase combined with paclitaxel arrests recalcitrant ovarian clear cell carcinoma growth in a patient-derived orthotopic xenograft(PDOX)nude-mouse model 
4. 2020/11 Co-implantation of Tumor and Extensive Surrounding Tissue Improved the Establishment Rate of Surgical Specimens of Human-Patient Cancer in Nude Mice:Toward the Goal of Universal Individualized Cancer Therapy 
5. 2020/05 Eribulin Regresses a Cisplatinum-resistant R are-type Triple-negative Matrix-producing Breast C arcinoma Patient-derived Orthotopic Xenograft Mouse Model 
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