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  石原 武士
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■ Present specialized field
psychiatry and neuroscience (Key Word:psychiatry, neurodegenerative diesases, dementia, developmental disorders) 
■ Journal
1. 2020/06/06 Factors associated with development and distribution of granular/fussy astrocytes in neurodegenerative diseases 
■ Presentation
1. 2021/07/15 Physical Isolation Stress Affects Behavioral Brain Development in Mice  
2. 2020/07/29 Mice observer behaviour in the fear observation system may reflect conformity-like or imitative behaviour rather than empathy-like behaviour  
3. 2020/05/23 Housing with different age groups before maturity affects mouse behavior  
4. 2020/03/17 Alteration of astrocytes and extracellular matrix molecules in the cortex of pentylenetetrazol-kindled mice  
5. 2019/09/20 Expression of Extracellular Matrix Molecules in the Mouse Primary Somatosensory Cortex  
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