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■ Journal
1. 2019/05/13 Association between contrast-enhanced ultrasonography findings and prognosis in patients with carotid stenosis 
2. 2018/03 Impact of D-dimer levels for short-term or long-term outcomes in cryptogenic stroke patients. 
3. 2017/11 Isolated Posterior Inferior Cerebellar Artery Dissection. 
4. 2017/04 Association between absolute eosinophil count and complex aortic arch plaque in patients with acute ischemic stroke. Stroke. 
5. 2017/01 A Case of Hypertensive Encephalopathy with Enlarged Optic Nerve Sheath Measured by Transorbital Sonography. 
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■ Presentation
1. 2017/09/20 Assessment of carotid plaque characteristics by contrast-enhanced untrasound in the long-team after neck radiotherapy.  
2. 2014/02/13 High Mortality Rates Among Acute Intracerebral Hemorrhage Patients with PT-INR Vales of More than 2.0 Taking Warfarin  
3. 2014/02/13 M1 Proximal SVS Should Be a Strong Predictor for Poor Outcome after tPA Therapy  
4. 2014/02/12 About 30% of Wake-up Stroke Patients May be Candidate for the tPA Therapy Using Negative-FLAIR as a Tissue Clock  
5. 2014/02/12 Cerebral Microbleeds and Renal Impariment in Acute Lacunar Stroke  
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