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■ Journal
1. 2020/05 Introduction of a communication device that eye-gaze input for patient with Amyotrophic lateral sclerosis.
~Consideration of experience and introduction conditions of communication device for seriously handicapped, Tobii Dynavox I-15.~ 
2. 2018/05 Effects of revisions to the health insurance system on the recovery-phase rehabilitation ward. 
3. 2017/12 Assessment of chest movements in tetraplegic patients using a three-dimensional motion analysis system 
4. 2015/01 Risk factors for patients who develop pneumonia either before or after hip fracture surgery. 
5. 2014/10 Electrode position and hyoid movement in surface electrical stimulation of the suprahyoid muscle group. 
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■ Presentation
1. 2011/06/13 Physical Activities in Elderly Patients with Aspiration Pneumonia after Hip Fractures  
2. 2012/03/17 Effects of electrical stimulation on preventing disuse atrophy of the neck muscles  
3. 2010/03/04 Stage I Intraoral Food Transport: Kinematics of Jaw, Tongue and Hyoid bone  
4. 2010/03/04 Stage I Intraoral Food Transport: Effects of Bite Size and Consistency  
5. 2007/06/13 Inter-Rator reliability of swallowing evaluation methods used in Japan:Fujishima’s Grade,The dysphagia severity scale,and eating status scales   
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■ Belonging society
1. 2009/03~ Dysphagia Research Society