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  Emi Kiyokage
   Department   Kawasaki University of Medical Welfare  ,
   Position   Professor
■ Journal
1. 2023/03 Effects of estradiol on dopaminergic synapse formation in the mouse olfactory bulb. 
2. 2021/06 Structural Basis for Noradrenergic Regulation of Neural Circuits in the Mouse Olfactory Bulb  Link
3. 2020/12 Maturation of Complex Synaptic Connections of Layer 5 Cortical Axons in the Posterior Thalamic Nucleus Requires SNAP25. 
4. 2020/11 Variations in GABA immunoreactivity among granule cells of the mouse olfactory bulb, as revealed by high-voltage electron microscopy. 
■ Presentation
1. 2018/05/31 Estradiol regulates TH-expression in periglomerular cells of the mouse olfactory bulb (Speech,General) 
2. 2018/03/29 Differential effects by estrogen exposure on expression of catecholamine synthesizing enzymes in the mouse olfactory bulb (Poster notice,General) 
3. 2016/11/14 Synaptic distribution of individually labeled mitral cells in the external plexiform layer of the mouse olfactory
bulb. (Poster notice,General) 
4. 2014/11/15 Structural basis for serotonergic regulation of neural circuits in the mouse olfactory bulb. (Poster notice,General) 
5. 2011/11/14 Activity dependence of the interglomerular circuit (Poster notice,General) 
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■ Belonging society
1. 2003/05~ Society for Neuroscience
2. 2007/01~ Association for Chemoreception Sciences
3. 2009/02~ Japan Neuroscience Society