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  Tanaka Junko
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   Position   Professor
■ Present specialized field
Theory of art practice (Key Word:occupational therapy, clinicalmusicology, acceptance of disability)  Link
■ Journal
1. 2011/03 Occupational Therapy and expressive art 
2. 2019/08 Significance and Problems of Community-based Music Activity in Occupational Therapy  Link
3. 2019 Diversity and possibilities of occupational therapy from patient's point of view 
4. 2018/10 Effect and significance of songwriting for people with mental disorders: Trial of collaboration between an occupational therapist and a musician 
5. 2016/08 How can occupational therapist support the initiative of patient? 
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■ Presentation
1. 2021/09/18 Significance and Problem of Community-based Music Activities in Occupational Therapy   Link
2. 2018/05/10 Effect and significance of songwriting through collaboration with a musician  
3. 2016/11/11 The Effects and Significance of Songwriting for patients with mental problems.  
4. 2015/09/15 The Effects and Significance of Songwriting in Self-Expression  
5. 2014/08/21 Enquiry of PT and OT candidate's understanding of communication ability  
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■ Belonging society
1. 1994/04~ Japanese Association of Occupational Therapists Link
2. 2001/04~ Japanese music therapy association Link
3. 2012/07~ The Japanese Association for the Study of Musical Improvisation Link