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1. 2017/08 Usefulness of the Wound Retractor for a Safe Lateral Lumbar Interbody Fusion Surgery 
2. 2017/04 A Case of Intractable Pain Due to Metastatic Spinal Tumor Successfully Treated with Balloon Kyphoplasty and Continuous Intrathecal Administration of Opioids 
3. 2014 Infectious spondylitis: Characteristics of geriatric patients and significance of surgery 
4. 2013 Proximal vertebral body fracture after 4-level fusion using l1 as the upper instrumented vertebra for lumbar degenerative disease:report of 2 cases with literature review 
5. 2013 Regenerative medicine for epilepsy: from basic research to clinical application 
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1. 2017/10/12 Surgical strategy for severe osteoporotic vertebral compression fracture  
2. 2017/06/10 Surgery for spinal hemangioblastoma  
3. 2017/06/10 Surgical strategy for severe osteoporotic vertebral compression fracture in elderly patients  
4. 2016/11/24 Mycotic aneurysms of internal catotid artery treated by endovascular embolization via posterior communicating artery.