Yamatsuji Tomoki
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Language English
Title Targeting KRAS lung cancer in vivo by pulmonary surfactant-mediated gene transfer
Conference 69th Annual Meeting of the Japanese Cancer Association
Conference Type International society and overseas society
Lecture Type Panelist at Symposium/Workshop (Other)
Publisher and common publisher◎Fukazawa T, Matsuoka J, Ono T, Mominoki K, Yamatsuji T, Tanaka H, Maeda Y, Durbin L, Naomoto Y
Date 2010/09/24
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Osaka, Japan
Society abstract Proceedings 424 
Summary English Workshops EW-27 Drug delivery system, others
Proceedings P424
(深澤拓也, 松岡順治, 小野俊朗, 樅木勝己, 山辻知樹, 田中廣壽, 前田豊, Mary Durbin, 猶本良夫)演題番号 EW-126