Nakanii Mihoko
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Article types 原著
Language Japanese
Peer review Peer reviewed
Title Chest Wall Anomaly Screening and Subsequent Management at Elementary and Junior High Schools in a Prefecture of Japan
Domestic / ForeginForegin
Volume, Issue, Page 77(3),235-242頁
Publication date 2018/05
Summary Aim: To discuss the issues regarding recently established chest wall anomaly screening, as well as subsequent management, and propose a method that aids in the identification and treatment of affected children.
Subjects and Methods: A questionnaire survey was conducted involving school nurses working at 564 elementary and junior high schools in a prefecture (response rate: 70.2%).
Results: The rates of performing chest wall anomaly screening as part of a medical check-up were 93.7 and 87% for elementary and junior high schools, respectively. The percentage of responding schools with affected children was 20.7%, and the incidence of funnel chest was 0.11%.
Discussion: The results of our study suggest the need to nurture an environment where school doctors can visually examine the thorax, perform medical check-ups using health questionnaires, and establish a system that enables affected children to continuously consult specialists.