Tomita Sanae
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Article types 原著
Language English
Peer review Peer reviewed
Title Health Support Provided by Public Health Nurses for Middle-aged Recipients of Public Assistance Living at Home
Journal Formal name:Kawasaki Journal of Medical Welfare
Volume, Issue, Page 20(1),31-41頁
Author and coauthor Tomita Sanae, Mitoku Kazuko
Publication date 2014/06
Summary This study was conducted to examine the relationship between health problems in middle-aged recipients of public assistance living at home and awareness of these problems by public health nurses.
Survey items included the basic attributes of 353 public health nurses and their awareness of health problems in middle-aged recipients of public assistance living at home.
Valid responses were collected from 206 nurses (valid response rate: 63.2%). The following nurses recognized that middle-aged recipients of public assistance have a number of health problems: those who work in government-ordinance-designated and major urban cities and towns; collaborate with social workers; and consider that the health needs of the recipients of public assistance should be understood. Public health nurses' awareness was not correlated with their age, years of experience, and whether or not they had experience of providing public assistance recipients with support.
It is necessary to implement education with an emphasis on the weak and improve the skills of public health nurses working in municipalities by providing them with support.