Tomita Sanae
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Article types その他
Language Japanese
Peer review Peer reviewed
Title Effects of a specific health guidance program for prevention of diabetes
ISSN code:05461766
Publisher 財団法人 日本公衆衛生協会
Volume, Issue, Page 57(10),921-931頁
Author and coauthor Tomita Sanae, Ninomiya Kazue, Fukuhara Hiroko
Publication date 2010/10
Summary A follow-up survey was carried out to examine the effects of a health guidance program by comparing data before and after the intervention.
The six-month guidance program was effective at reducing BMI, HbA1c, and other relevant parameters. Within a year, however, returne to close to the levels at the start of the program was noted. Although most subjects obtained support from their spouse, they did not change their dietary habits because it was difficult for them to seek cooperation from other family members. Thus, it is necessary to improve skills required for health advice.